Living Earth Desktop

Living Earth Desktop 7.3.2

Real-time view of the world on your desktop


  • View weather and time zones
  • Choose whole world or just 1 continent
  • Wallpaper and screensaver in one


  • Image quality is not great


Living Earth Desktop is a wallpaper/screensaver combo that brings a detailed overview of the Earth and its weather straight to your desktop.

Living Earth Desktop's default view is the Earth as a whole. You'll see where it's cloudy, where it's night and where it's daytime. When it's nighttime, you'll see city lights glimmering, showing you the location of big cites and open countryside. Living Earth Desktop can also be configured to show the weather around the globe and pop-out time zones and weather widget for the weather in your city.

All of Living Earth Desktop's features can be toggled under Options. Here you can choose what view of the planet you want, limiting to just one continent if you want. You can also set your city and your favorites so that weather forecasts and time zones will be more personalized.

Living Earth Desktop is very detailed, and the developers claim that the cloud cover is real-time. Even so, the quality of the images is not great, which is a little disappointing for a paid app.

Living Earth Desktop is an interesting, if not fantastic, screensaver and wallpaper.

Living Earth Desktop


Living Earth Desktop 7.3.2

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  • by Anonymous

    do not download...contains adware.
    Would have been nice to know that it's only an evaluation and there are huge ...   More